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Facet thermal ablation procedures available to treat Philadelphia-area patients with back pain

Similar to a dentist performing a root canal, the facet thermal ablation is performed in order to deaden the nerves that cause chronic pain and symptoms to be experienced by the patient. During the facet thermal ablation procedure, the surgeon uses the laser to eradicate buildup within the facet joints, as well as to deaden the nerves in the joint causing painful symptoms.

During the facet thermal ablation, the surgeon enters through a less than 1-inch incision. Through this incision, the surgeon inserts a small tube, about the size of a straw. Through this straw-like tube the surgeon will insert the laser and other tools needed to perform the surgery. After the procedure is complete, the tube is removed and the muscles return to their natural location.

Conditions treated by facet thermal ablation

The facet thermal ablation is performed in order to treat both arthritis and facet disease. These conditions are similar in that they are both generally a result of the natural aging process. As we grow older, the elements that make up our spine begin to degenerate. As this happens, the cartilage that surrounds the joints begins to deteriorate, causing the joints to not move as swiftly and easily as they did in our prime. During a facet thermal ablation, the surgeon will clean out the area of the facet joint that is causing painful symptoms, and subsequently alleviate the patient’s pain.

If you have been diagnosed with facet disease or arthritis of the spine, contact Laser Spine Institute today to see if you are a candidate for a facet thermal ablation at our Philadelphia facility.